New starts and new beginnings!


The month of January means new starts and new beginnings. 2015 is a number eight year which represents success and prosperity. Set your intentions and goals, you have the wind behind your back. Get definite about what you want. Align yourself with the upward progressive movement of life. Affirm: I choose life. I am alive! I am awake! I am alert! I am enthusiastic for life! I Am the principal of life and abundance. 

My desire is to begin to experience that flow of energy within me that inspires and moves me. It lifts me above the limitations of my beliefs and programming. My desire is to love how God has created me and to feel the pulse and the rhythm of the Universe with which I am One.

This weekend I saw the film Unbroken, which came out on Christmas Day, affirms that our spirit is more powerful than any attack from the outside. That spirit moves us through every reversal or experience of abuse. And it is that spirit that can forgive the unforgivable and is the power to heal and transform us.

Carpe diem!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Carpe diem, Seize the day, Create the Moment!


Welcome to my new blog! My name is Dr. Marilyn Powers and I am so excited to announce our move to Emeryville, CA. I attribute this manifestation to the 3 P’s;
Patience, Perseverance and Prayer. The 3 P’s work when we set our intention to manifest the desires of our heart and stay open to the good the universe has in store for us. 
Now we have a beautiful home and office with a view of both the Bay Bridge and The Golden Gate Bridge (see the photo above.) We are 12 minutes from our kids and grandson, 20-30 minutes from the San Francisco Airport, 20 minutes from the Oakland Airport. Emeryville is home to Pixar and many up and coming tech and biotech firms.
Emeryville has dozens of name brand stores here on Bay Street such as the Apple store, Gap and PF Changs. We also have several hotel options within walking distance of our home: a Four Points Sheraton, a Courtyard Marriott and a Hilton Garden Inn. This location makes it very convenient for my clients to see me in person. 
Yes, the 3 P’s work and Steve and I are affirming for you a glorious New Year and the complete manifestation of the desires of your heart in 2015!
Carpe diem!